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Brand Activation Ideas – Avelo Airlines expands routes to Greenville, SC

brand activation ideas

In a move that promises to boost connectivity and convenience for travelers, Manchester Regional Airport (MHT) has introduced a new direct flight to Greenville, South Carolina, operated by Avelo Airlines. The inaugural flight took off with a Gate Party marking an exciting new addition to the airport’s growing roster of destinations! The addition of this route reflects Avelo’s strategic expansion and dedication to providing passengers with more choices and greater convenience. By bridging the gap between Manchester and Greenville, Avelo is not only enhancing travel options but also fostering stronger economic and cultural ties between the two regions.

Roaming Photo Booth Services captured images of guests and utilized AI background removal to feature the Manchester city skyline behind them. The booth then wirelessly printed and delivered these photos to each guest before takeoff. Additionally, the booth conducted a survey to gather feedback on other dream destinations guests would like to see offered from Manchester.

To kick off the inaugural flight and gate party new route Airport Director Ted Kitchens and Mayor Jay Ruais delivered inspiring speeches to mark the occasion. Director Kitchens highlighted the significance of the new route in enhancing regional connectivity and boosting economic growth, expressing excitement for the opportunities it brings to both cities. Mayor Ruais echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the positive impact on local tourism and business, and celebrating the strengthened ties between Manchester and Greenville. Their speeches set a tone of optimism and community spirit, perfectly kicking off the festive event.

A Festive Send-Off & Gate Party

To celebrate the launch of this new route, Manchester Regional Airport hosted a lively gate party, turning the terminal into a festive hub of activity. Travelers preparing to embark on the first flight were treated to an array of entertainment including live DJ, roaming photo booth, give aways(including a chance to win a round trip flight to Greenville, SC) and customized cake designed to make their journey memorable from the very start.

Community Engagement and Excitement

The gate party wasn’t just about entertainment; it was also a testament to Manchester Regional Airport’s commitment to community engagement. Airport officials, Avelo Airlines representatives, and local dignitaries were on hand to welcome passengers and celebrate this milestone. The atmosphere was electric with a palpable sense of excitement and optimism about the new travel opportunities this route brings.

Passengers enjoyed complimentary refreshments, live music, and giveaways, making the event feel like a true celebration. A highlight of the festivities was the roaming photo booth. This interactive photo experience engaged guests of all ages, offering them a fun and creative way to capture their pre-flight excitement. The roaming booth’s sleek design and user-friendly interface allowed passengers to take photos, wirelessly print them, and instantly share their images on social media creating a buzz around the event.

Looking Ahead

The new direct flight to Greenville, SC, represents a significant step forward for Manchester Regional Airport and Avelo Airlines. As travelers increasingly seek convenient and affordable travel options, this route is poised to become a popular choice. Whether for business trips, family vacations, or exploring new destinations, the Manchester-Greenville connection offers something for everyone.

With the successful launch of this route, Manchester Regional Airport continues to enhance its reputation as a key player in the regional aviation landscape. The collaboration with Avelo Airlines underscores the airport’s dedication to providing high-quality services and expanding its reach. As the travel industry continues to evolve, passengers can look forward to more exciting developments and opportunities from Manchester Regional Airport and its partners.

The introduction of Avelo Airlines‘ direct flight from Manchester to Greenville is more than just a new route; it’s a celebration of connectivity, community, and the joy of travel. The inaugural gate party, complete with the Magic Mirror photo booth, set the tone for a vibrant and memorable journey for all passengers. As Manchester Regional Airport and Avelo Airlines look to the future, travelers can expect more innovative and exciting travel experiences on the horizon.