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Expand Your Marketing strategy

Short-term or long-term photo booth installations, also known as Marketing Booths, are a great option to promote your event or business. Installations channel energy and entertainment into viral marketing. Step it up a notch and offer your guests a live video session with crazy special effects! Photos are instantly sent to your guests for sharing on social media. Incorporate a hashtag or message in the photo overlay or customized text message and microsite. The photo booth is the perfect tool to engage your guests, collect marketing information, track their sharing in real time, collect user-generated data, and integrate the experience as part of a larger marketing that leverages business analytics. In addition, you can sell advertising space on the digital photos for additional revenue

Wall Mount Installation

If you are an event venue, a long-term installation could be part of your value-added package without the hassle.   Let us maintain the photo booth for your events and set you apart from your competition. Wall mount installations are also perfect for long-term in-store activation events, in particular for retail stores for customers to take photos of themselves, bars, nightclubs, fitness centers, and sports venues. A more permanent photo booth option allows you to execute a long-term marketing strategy on social media.

Perm Install Wall Mount
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 When your guests interact with the booth, they will feel as if they are interacting directly with your brand. This creates a memorable experience that positively associates your brand with having a great time! Our standing open-air marketing photo booth can be customized with a vinyl wrap to ensure your photo booth rental is an integrated part of your space.  We can even customize the welcome screen before each photo and the on-line gallery with your event details or brand.  Almost anything can be branded with your theme color and logos!

What Can A Long-Term Photo Booth Do For Your Business?


Each time a guest shares a photo or video from YOUR photo booth they then share the photo which lets all of their friends know they were there!


Branded Wrapped Photo Booth
Branded Animated Start Screen

Branded user experience: Buttons, Digital Props, Photo or Video Overlays, Landing 
Pages and event gallery


The fun factor sets you apart by creating a unique experience.  Your business will truly create memories people can easily look back on.

Permanent Install

Where to Install?


The fun of a photo booth with as many options as ours can truly keep your customers entertained for a significant amount of time!

Guests can choose from countless digital props and filters for their images, GIFs, Boomerangs and even create short videos.


We can have photos from the booth constantly looping live in real time on any screen in your establishment that has an HDMI port!  Anyone who comes in instantly sees how much fun has been had.  The slideshow background can be customized and you can display anywhere.


A Microsite is a very powerful tool!  It is a link that is texted or emailed after someone uses the photo booth.  That link takes them to a mini website where they can download and share their image.  This MICRO website can be completely branded for you and easily provides links for users to follow you on social media or visit your website.

Permanent Photo Booth Installs

Designed for Your Location

Permanent Photo Booth Installs


During your install our software provides details of how many users downloaded and shared content to track your sessions and views.


Harness the user-generated content your guests create and remarket to new clients 
We use cell phones and/or email addresses to send the photos and videos out and you get to keep them all… not us!  We can also add other fields such as address, questionnaires, polls, and voting so you can gather any kind of data you need!

Spin to Win

Include a Contest Feature to Increase User Engagement

Offer a custom competition for guests to win Vouchers or discounts on products.

Spin TO win

No Hassle Installation & Support

Our event manager will deliver, set up, and activate the photo booth installation for you.  During the term of your rental, we will continue to provide maintenance on the photo booth and update your design elements as needed. Let us help you drive your business’s success.