Magic Mirror of New England

Photo Mosaic Wall

Photo Mosaic Wall

In a ‘physical setup’: The Photo Mosaic Wall automatically prints photos as stickers. Guests can engage in the interactive experience by placing their photo stickers on the mosaic board. In a ‘digital setup’: The mosaic generation process is either projected (using a projector) or displayed on a large-screen TV. The photos transition into their place on the mosaic in real-time with a 3D effect. Analysis of each new photo is comprehensive and instant. In just a hundredth of a second, it applies in-depth facial recognition, color profiling, smart cropping, time-related calculations, and custom user preferences to determine the ideal location of the photo on the mosaic with minimum or no destructive manipulations.



Our team of roving photographers can capture the moments Live as they happen. Using our A.I. Event  Photo service we can share these images instanty to your guest. 

Photo Booths

Take a photo in with our Photo Booths, Mirror Booths, our Glam Booths and we can print a copy for the guest which also instantly is added to the Mosaic.

twitter #hashtag

Pick a fun hashtag for the event and advertise it around the venue. Guests can then take a selfie, tag it, ‘tweet’ it and have it automatically fetched by the Photo Mosaic Wall.

instagram #hastag

You can use your company’s Instagram account to take photos of the activity, tag these photos with a unique hashtag and have them fetched automatically by the Photo Mosaic Wall.