Magic Mirror of New England

A photo moment worthy of sharing! Addons

magi mirror photo booth

Our Magic Mirror photo booth is perfect for all ages. Guests love to take group shots with all of their friends in this open air photo booth style which allows for large groups to join in. Our Magic Mirror photo booth is best for indoor events since the large screen works best in lower light areas, while some of our other booths are better suited for outdoor events.

With its large mirror, guests can see themselves on the screen to get ready for their photos. Depending on your desired features photos can be edited, printed, texted and even altered with filters. We create your photo prints in a 2×6 or 4×6 print size and can even use multiple different layouts if you choose. The Magic Mirror photo booth rental is a must have at your upcoming event.

Wedding Mirror Booth

If you’re looking to customize the Magic Mirror for your Wedding this booth rental is a great option. With this photo booth, we can customize a ton of features and animations, as well as, even create a custom touch to start screen with your photo and seating chart for your guests to view as they enter your event!

Guests are guided through the photo booth experience with a variety of on screen animations and interactions. Check out available overlays under Resources to access our database of photo templates that can be customized for your event. This booth is also a crowd favorite at corporate parties, social events and teen events!

The Magic Mirror Photo Booth Experience

Step into a world of laughter, excitement, and endless fun with a Magic Mirror Photo Booth. As you approach the gleaming mirror, anticipation fills the air. Our team of amazing Photo Ambassadors are standing at the ready to capture the joyous moments that lie ahead. Strike a pose, unleash your creativity, and watch as the mirror come to life, guiding you through a whimsical photo-taking experience like no other. With animated prompts, optional vibrant props, and personalized messages, the magic mirror becomes an interactive companion, encouraging laughter and silliness with every click. As the camera flashes, you’ll be transported to a realm of unforgettable memories, as each snapshot freezes time and preserves the merriment shared with friends and loved ones. From spontaneous dance-offs to heartfelt embraces, the magic mirror photo booth becomes a hub of entertainment, spreading smiles and capturing the essence of pure delight. Cherish these cherished moments forever, for the magic mirror has gifted you a treasure trove of joy that will shine brightly in your heart.

On Screen Animations

Beautiful fun animations appear on the screen to guide you through your experience complementing you and creating an exciting experience

2" x 6" or 4" x 6" PRINTS

Our classic package includes 4x6 single or triple photo layout prints. These prints are a classy keepsake for guests of any type of event. By request we also offer 2x6 strip prints

Instant Sharing

Instantly share your photo and GIF creation digitally by texting on the Mirror. Also receive a printed copy of your photo

Professional Studio Lighting

Professional quality Studio lighting to make your photos look flawless.

Fabric Tension Backdrops

Choose between one of our awesome in stock tension backdrops or let us design a custom backdrop for your specific event.