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Glam Photo Booths

There are many different kinds of photo booths available.  In fact, your event may be better with an entirely different type of booth. But what sets the Glam Booth apart from the rest of the pack is a combination of professional lighting equipment, our high-resolution DSLR camera, and our artificial intelligence filter technology (similar to Snapchat and Instagram) that altogether make you look glamorous.  

The Glam Booth features professional lighting equipment that is designed to make you look your best. The lighting is bright, even, and flattering, ensuring that your photos come out looking stunning every time. The true magic is in the filter which smooths out the skin, reducing blemishes and giving you an angelic glow that until now only celebrities have been able to enjoy.  Our highly reflective ultra-tension backdrops ensure a clean, classic look.  Choose between our signature white backdrop or opt for something more modern like our white flower wall in tension or 3D.

We love Glam Booths

MM Glam Studio

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Glam Photo Booths
Glam Photo Booth

WHY Glam Photo Booths?

Glam Booth photos are taken in monochromatic black and white which helps to highlight your best features and also mask the ones you might not be too eager to show off.  You can also decide to book this service in color. The Glam Beauty Filter was made famous by the Kardashian family when they first debuted the photo booth at their 2013 Christmas Eve party.  Since then it has become a staple and because of their influence, the Glam Booth is known as the “Kardashian Photo Booth.” 

Another benefit of a glam photo booth is that they are designed to be user-friendly. With a totouchscreennterface and easy-to-use controls, even the most technologically challenged guest can quickly figure out how to snap a great photo.

Our Glam Booth is a fun luxurious addition to any event and a great way to create lasting memories. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a milestone birthday, or throwing a corporate event, the photos from a glam booth will be something you and your guests can treasure for years to come. So if you’re looking to add some sophistication and style to your next event, be sure to consider renting a glam photo booth.

Glam Photo Booth

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